Founded by Luke Yosuke Willis and Esin Erez in 2012, OCX Architects is based in Istanbul, Turkey with satellite studios in Tokyo, Japan and San Francisco, USA.  With experiences on a multitude of projects across the globe, out of context OCX aspires to draw intelligent and rational design solutions for every project.  

OCX is an interdisciplinary design studio based on integrating research, art, and architecture.  From multi-story buildings, urban planning, to product design, OCX utilizes the architectural process to research, design, and construct projects at a diverse range of scales.

We collaborate with like-minded architects, artists, and specialists across the globe.  Coordination with the leading professionals in the industry allow us to enhance and realize our design solutions through the teams’ distinct range of expertise.

OCX is continuously challenging itself by pushing the realm of architectural design, representation, and fabrication.  We believe through innovation of form and content that our creations can defy the norm to become uniquely out of context.